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NEW Webinar Supervision Group, Starting February/March 2017 Facilitated by Miriam Orriss

Transactional Analysis is a favourite communications tool for coaches worldwide.  Miriam Orriss, has studied and practised TA for over 25 years, beginning with a 6-year course in TA at Metanoia, London.  Miriam has particular skills in supporting coaches who wish to develop their practice through the TA lens.  She is a Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy and she has taught the TA component on the EMCC/ICF accredited CSA supervision diploma for many years. Her supervisees’ benefit hugely from her in-depth understanding of TA and her long experience as a coach supervisor.

This is a unique offering and a unique opportunity; if you already have some experience as a coach and would like to know how to use TA in your practice, this is a great opportunity to work with an expert in the field of both TA and supervision.

Participants on the course will increase their skills in the following areas using a case study focus, and key TA concepts:


  • Contracting – spot contracting, multiparty contracting
  • Creating the working alliance
  • Getting to know your client
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Working with ‘difficult’ clients
  • Using the Karpman Drama Triangle
  • Recognising and resolving the ‘games people play’
  • Learning about scripts and how to support your client to resolve them
  • Learning about what drives your clients.
  • Communication and dialogue skills through using the 3 ego-states
  • Using TA to resolve ‘critical moments’ in coaching.
  • Reflecting skillfully on your coaching sessions


If you would like to join this small group – max 5 – please email Miriam at:    The group will start in September, will meet for one and a half hours per month, for 6 sessions.  Times will be arranged with the group.

Cost £65 per session – total £390

Miriam Orriss

Co-Founder and Operational Director Coaching Supervision Academy