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Out to-day! ‘Reflect to Create!’ Elaine Patterson

Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Proessional Practice and Supervision.

‘One of the great pleasures of reading this book is the sense it gives you that the author has become so immersed in her subject that she really can bring something new to the current business and leadership conversation – a way to name and highlight the rewards of intelligent reflection. It has been a joy to follow Elaine’s explorations and be rewarded with many original insights on reflection as well as a host of exercises for those who will take up the challenge of becoming a skilled reflector.

Reflect to Create! subtly and powerfully works on the reader; we are drawn deeply into reflection even as we read about the reflective process. Reading this text, therefore, is to participate in what is being created before our very eyes and to be affected by it – that is to say, we naturally begin to reflect on reflection. And we are drawn into this process by the ever-deepening insights of this radical work: radical, because this is not a ‘how-to’ book, though there are many original exercises to experiment with. Rather, it is more a ‘become-it-from-the–roots-up’ sort of book. That’s part of the gift of Reflect to Create! – Elaine knows that only becoming it will do. And she echoes many contemporary thinkers when she says, ‘more of the same is no longer enough’. Edna Murdoch Foreword