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“Reflection as an Oasis for Busy People in Busy Times” By Elaine Patterson

“Reflection as an Oasis for Busy People in Busy Times”

Article Published in “Coaching Perspectives”

Association of Coaching’s Global  Magazine January 2017 Issue 12

Is reflection an antidote to the relentless pressure and changes that we are faced with on a constant basis? Coaching Supervisor Elaine Patterson considers this question.

“At no time in our human history have we faced so many changes on so many fronts” write Elaine.  “How we choose to live will determine who we are, who are becoming, how we work, and how we live. Busy times and our 24/ 7 world have put us on overdrive. Reflection has become unfashionable, rejected, and dismissed as we rush, run and dash. But it now needs to come out of the closet and become an oasis in helping us to live our questions with courage, compassion and humanity to wisely create, thrive and flourish in today’s VUCA world”

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