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LONDON March 2017 – June 2017

A new, powerful programme led by Dr. Alison Hodge with CSA UK Ltd

Senior leadership teams are looking to improve their effectiveness in today’s constantly changing and unpredictable world. As a result, there is increasing interest in team coaching in organisations across the globe. Executive & business coaches who usually work on a one-to-one basis are now being asked to offer coaching to teams who are often operating in complex organisational systems. As coaching supervisors we now find that we are invited to provide supervision that supports the demanding and challenging needs faced by the team coaches.

What this programme will involve

  • During this programme of three days of training and three evening teleforums, we will be exploring such themes as:
  • What is team coaching and what are the diverse and complex skills involved? (eg Peters & Carr 2013, Hawkins 2011).

  • The key phases of group and team development, and the practical,professional and psychological phenomena that arise.
  • How we as supervisors show up in groups.

  • Supervising team coaches and the resources we and they need.
  • Practical application to develop your approach.


This programme will be led by Dr Alison Hodge, senior coach supervisor and trainer with CSA who has extensive experience of working with groups and teams as well as coaching supervision. There will be further input from Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, and others who are highly experienced coach supervisors and group specialists.



The programme will be held in a central London venue and will take the following format:

Module 1:  9 and 10 March 2017

Three evening Teleforums:  29 March 26April and 24 May 2017

Module 2: 16 June 2017

Total fees for the programme will be £960.00 + VAT @ 20%.

Next steps

To confirm your place please contact Julie Hinge at On receipt of your confirmation, we will send an invoice for your immediate attention. Please note that your booking will only be secure on receipt of payment.

Pre-reading and joining instructions will be sent in January 2017.

If you would like to discuss the programme further, please email or call me on 020 8995 5485.

What previous delegates on this programme have said:

“A fantastic programme for exploring the many ways a supervisor can work with a team coach to unpick and unpack systems of great complexity” Dorothy Atcheson, Team Coach and Coaching Supervisor

“I have really enjoyed the programme and gained a lot of insight through the reflective & experiential nature of the course” Maria Iliffe-Wood, Team Coach, Author & Coaching Supervisor

“Thought-provoking, practical, layers of learning. Great opportunity to explore our group/team processes as well as supervision” Gill Graves, Author & Coaching Supervisor