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Why We All Need to be Full Spectrum Coaches Now


Have you ever sat with a client completely at a loss about what to say, what to ask and how to be?

Are you looking to work more deeply with your clients?

Do you want to bring more relational intelligence and creativity to your work?


Full Spectrum Coaching (FSC) is CSA | ICRP’s response to helping you develop your insights, capacities, competencies and resources for working deeply and living wholeheartedly in today’s VUCA world.

Full Spectrum Coaching is for practitioners who are noticing that their intuition is inviting them to work more deeply from their whole selves to both inspire and facilitate change in their clients.

I was first introduced to Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) in 2006 when I was a newly qualified executive coach looking for different ways and means to deepen and enrich my practice. Whilst more new models might have been interesting, I instinctively knew that instead, mine was an almost spiritual journey into exploring a hidden wholeness where I could be ME and in being me, BE the difference in my work, which made THE difference.

I wanted to compassionately connect up WHO I was (and WHO I was becoming) in HOW I courageously wanted to work. Whilst there were lots of courses on the market, none seemed to address the need I felt inside myself to go beyond my head and dig deeper. None appealed in the way that CSA’s Diploma in Coaching Supervision spoke to my need to develop the personal and soulful competencies and capacities I wanted for me, my clients, and my work.

I therefore originally embarked on the Diploma course with no particular intention of becoming a Coaching Supervisor but from wanting only to enhance my executive coaching practice. The rest for me is history!

FSC has therefore been designed from a desire to meet coaches, leaders, HR and OD Practitioners in this middle ground. FSC is for practitioners who are at a particular stage in their career where they want a personalized blend of inquiry, input, stretch, resourcing, new materials, and rich conversations with likeminded professionals and Faculty to deepen their coaching practice.

Interested? Our first webinar of 6 for our first cohort, starts at 8.00am BST on Monday 26th March 2018.

To find out more, email Elaine Patterson CSA |ICRP’s Creative Director at or visit or visit our Eventbrite page to book your place.

Elaine Patterson  Creative Director  CSA/ICRP