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Advanced Workshops for coaches, mentors and coach supervisors.

There is a way
Between voice and presence
Where information flows.
In disciplined silence it opens.
With wandering talk it closes.
– Jelaluddin Rumi

Brighton Saturday March 26th 2011

A One-Day Workshop for coaches, mentors and coach supervisors.

‘Coach and client are engaged in a process of reciprocal influence….thus the person of the coach must be fully involved.’ Prof B Critchley

Concepts from quantum physics, mindfulness, neurocardiology and the work of Sharmer/Senge (TheoryU), will be used to illuminate our understanding of self-as-instrument in coaching. This multi-dimensional look at coaching presence brings a much deeper sense of how the person of the coach affects coaching outcomes. The workshop focuses on what goes on within the coach as they coach and what goes on between the coach and coachee. It also touches on the development of valuable awareness about the coach’s Internal Supervisor where cognitive, somatic and intuitive data can inform and guide interventions.

Learning how to be present to this degree quickly brings elegance, and efficiency to our work. It also begins to offer clarity of thought when transference issues or parallel processes are operating. The ideas in this workshop are in alignment with current explorations in coaching research and practice. Coaching is now recognizing how central our presence and the coaching relationship are to successful outcomes and to the development of first class practice.


Coming into presence.

Who coaches?
Becoming present to self, body/mind exploration
Mindfulness exercises will guide our exploration into embodied presence
Relational Presence : coach/coachee exercise
Teaching on TheoryU to support experiential learning

Working with Energy and with Heart Intelligence

Exercises to explore energy between self and other.
Teaching on one of the central principles of Quantum Physics and how this relates to coaching.
Exercises and teaching from neurocardiology to highlight how heart signals influence higher brain centres and therefore learning.
Protecting the practitioner’s wellbeing

Building the Internal Supervisor

Awareness exercises to access cognitve, somatic, intuitive data
Paired exercise to practise using the Internal Supervisor
What would it be like to coach/mentor/supervise without Internal Supervisor?
How can you develop the Internal Supervisor more fully?
Structured discussion/teaching on Internal Supervisor to enhance learning.

Supervision demo and process.

In this demo, we will illustrate the importance of presence, energetic exchange between coach, coachee and supervisor and the value of working non-judgementally.

This day will qualify for a one-day CPD certificate from CSA.

Date and Time – March 26th 2011 10 00 – 17 00.

Venue Brighton – TBA

Cost – £130

Booking: please register interest in this workshop with Miriam Orriss:

FACILITATORS: Miriam Orriss and Edna Murdoch, Directors of the Coaching Supervision Academy. This workshop will be lively and informed, and will powerfully enable participants to be more intelligent and aware regarding the main instruement of their work – themselves. We will teach, discuss, imagine, laugh, challenge and grow together throughout the day.

Our Conference presentations:

“Who You are is How You Coach” EMCC Dublin (Nov)2010
“”Who you are is how you supervise.” BASPR (British Association for Supervision Practice and Research) July, 2010.
The Key Role of the Internal Supervsior” OCM CPD day, July 2010
Who You Are is How You Coach.” Euro Coach List Conference 2009, Bristol
‘Coach as Energy Manager’. AC Conference, 2006, London
“What is Spirituality? “ The Future of Work – Keynote for ICOS Conference, 2006, London
‘Born of a Strange Intelligence – Energy and Intuition’ European Energy Psychology Conference, 2003