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CSA Newsletter December 2010.

Welcome to the final CSA newsletter of 2010! In here you will find information about recent events, up and coming events, a new association for Coach Supervisors and a great New Year Offer for two coaches who have not yet experienced coaching supervision.

EMCC conference Dublin –November 2010

We have returned from the EMCC conference in Dublin, restored, and invigorated!  Whether it was the wonderful Irish hospitality, the spacious hotel or a very well balanced programme, we are not sure. But the general agreement seemed to be that this particular conference really hit the spot. What was particularly interesting for CSA was that there were so many excellent workshops which focussed on the ‘soft’ side of our work – sessions which valued creativity, mindfulness, working with energy and with systems and which encouraged coaches to go beyond the familiar.  There were, for example, two workshops on constellations coaching – see information about John Whittington below – and the one we attended was excellent.  Our own workshop  – ‘Who you are is how you coach’ – was well attended and we had a terrific response to this topic, which explores the pivotal role of relational presence and the being of the coach.

Below are some of the events you might want to look out for next year.


Pause for Breath with Amanda Ridings, 4-8 April 2011

“Every day I find myself pausing to find balance, imagine the space around me, breath, relax and find a little more compassion to deal with some situation.” Participant feedback

I am on a mission to bring the practices of mindfulness and dialogue into leadership conversations! I do this in a number of ways, in coaching and coach supervision sessions, in dialogue practice development groups and in my flagship leadership retreat, Pause for Breath. The joy of Pause for Breath is that there is time to foster the notion of practice, a key aspect of both mindfulness and dialogue. As a T’ai Chi teacher, my particular delight is that the retreat week is a perfect setting for the deeper insights that emerge through using movement and embodied approaches to discover our patterns in conversations.

Pause for Breath is for leaders and coaches and offers purposeful time-out for anyone caught up in relentless activity. In a week together, in the Scottish Borders, we will explore mind, body and energy approaches to cultivate our leadership presence and become more resilient in our interactions with others. As we work, talk, live and laugh together, you will be prepared to risk changing your breathing, your thinking and your habits of conversation in service to deepening and sustaining your leadership spirit.

For more information, see

One-day Workshop for coaches, mentors and coach supervisors in Brighton

Who You Are Is How You Coach. Brighton  Saturday  March 26th 2011

‘Coach and client are engaged in a process of reciprocal influence….thus the person of the coach must be fully involved.’ Prof B Critchley

Concepts from quantum physics, mindfulness, neurocardiology and the work of Sharmer/Senge (TheoryU), will be used to illuminate our understanding of self-as-instrument in coaching.  This multi-dimensional look at coaching presence brings a much deeper sense of how the person of the coach affects coaching outcomes. This unique workshop focuses on what goes on within the coach as they coach and what goes on between the coach and coachee.  It also touches on the development of valuable awareness about the coach’s Internal Supervisor where cognitive, somatic and intuitive data can inform and guide interventions.

Learning how to be present to this  degree quickly brings elegance, and efficiency to our work. It also begins to offer clarity of thought when transference issues or parallel processes are operating. The ideas in this workshop are in alignment with current explorations in coaching research and practice. Coaching  is now recognizing how central our presence and the coaching relationship are to successful outcomes and to  the development of first class practice.

Miriam Orriss and Edna Murdoch are looking forward to facilitating this powerful and enjoyable workshop. For more information, click here.

Constellations work comes to Coaching and Coaching Supervision!

CSA is delighted to highlight the work of John Whittington, one of a growing band of excellent facilitators of constellations work.  Next year, John will be presenting for CSA at one of our CPD days for CSA Accredited Graduates. If you want to now more about this work and about John’s workshops, please see:

Coach Supervisors – something for you.

2011 will see several initiatives, which will support and promote coach supervisors.  Below you will find information about a new venture:




As you are aware Coach Supervision is increasingly being demanded by global organisations, buyers and accrediting bodies, yet it is still at its pioneering stage and often receives insufficient attention and focus from the large coaching organisations.  This is why we have set up the Association of Coaching Supervisors (ACS).

The aim is to be the only association in the coaching industry which offers a supportive platform exclusively for coaching supervisors and buyers of coaching supervision, and its remit will be to:

  • provide exclusive focus for coach supervision for all types of coaches, both external and internal
  • raise the profile of coach supervision amongst coaches and buyers of coaching
  • inform and educate coaches and buyers of coaching about coach supervision and its benefits
  • lead a movement that influences the role and value of supervision, by developing an authoritative voice amongst the coaching profession
  • position coach supervision as accessible, professional, desirable and be seen as a “must have” resource, and to eliminate negative connotations often associated with the word “supervision”
  • provide a membership directory for supervisors – with members meeting minimum standards and operating according to a code of ethics – accessible to buyers nationally and across Europe.
  • create an attractive and appealing range of member benefits for an annual membership fee
  • provide opportunities for CPD and for supervision exchanges


NEW YEAR OFFER for two coaches:  If you have NOT experienced coaching supervision before and would like to try it out, you can have a one-hour telephone session with Edna Murdoch, at the reduced fee of £100.  Just email, putting New Year Offer in the subject line. Please note, this offer is open to two coaches only!

Finally……….we wish all our readers the very best for Christmas and the New Year.