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CSA Newsletter February 2017

CSA Newsletter – February 2017


1 Directors’ Report

2 Articles:

5G May the force be with you! (Karyn Prentice)
Executive coaches: it’s time to get real feedback from your clients! (Helene Seiler)
Learning How to Create Our Organizations of the Future (Elaine Patterson & Giles Hutchins)
In the wake of the US election (Adrienne Dunn)
Terminer (Flavienne Sapaly)
Silence (Nadine Bourneix)
3 Information on Courses & Events

a) Initial Training

France Diploma in Coaching Supervision
Asia Pacific Diploma in Coaching Supervision
UK Diploma in Coaching Supervision
b) CPD and Advanced learning via CSA and ICRP

JUNE 2016 Full Spectrum Coaching
New International Supervision Groups
MARCH 2017: Webinar: Advanced Dialogue Process with Edna Murdoch
MARCH 2017: Team Coaching Supervision Course
APRIL & MAY 2017: Webinars: Creating the core conditions to enable reflection and learning to flourish in group supervision. Dr Alison Hodge
MAY 2017: Community Day: Working with the field through the lens of TA. Miriam Orriss
MAY 2017: Community Day: Dialogic Artistry. Edna Murdoch
OCT 2017: Autumn Equinox Retreat
4 External Links

Global Supervisor Network
EMCC Conference
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