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CSA Newsletter – February 2017


1   Directors’ Report

2   Articles:

  • 5G May the force be with you! (Karyn Prentice)
  • Executive coaches: it’s time to get real feedback from your clients! (Helene Seiler)
  • Learning How to Create Our Organizations of the Future (Elaine Patterson & Giles Hutchins)
  • In the wake of the US election (Adrienne Dunn)
  • Terminer (Flavienne Sapaly)
  • Silence (Nadine Bourneix)

3   Information on Courses & Events

a)   Initial Training

  • France Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • Asia Pacific Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • UK Diploma in Coaching Supervision

b) CPD and Advanced learning via CSA and ICRP

  • JUNE 2016 Full Spectrum Coaching
  • New International Supervision Groups
  • MARCH 2017: Webinar: Advanced Dialogue Process with Edna Murdoch
  • MARCH 2017: Team Coaching Supervision Course
  • APRIL & MAY 2017: Webinars: Creating the core conditions to enable reflection and learning to flourish in group supervision. Dr Alison Hodge
  • MAY 2017: Community Day: Working with the field through the lens of TA. Miriam Orriss
  • MAY 2017: Community Day: Dialogic Artistry. Edna Murdoch
  • OCT 2017: Autumn Equinox Retreat

4   External Links

  • Global Supervisor Network
  • EMCC Conference

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